Monday, 10 January 2011

A Lemon and Lime Birthday Party -The Details

I briefly mentioned the Lemon and Lime Birthday party I planned for my husband in September. So following my earlier post on the inspiration for it, here are the details of the party ( with a lot of delay!) - Decorations, Cake and Food!

For the decorations, I knew I wanted to keep it elegant and grown up but most importantly, nothing over the top to suit the mood of a relaxed lunch. I therefore designed and then assembled a birthday banner, to serve as my backdrop for the food table ( it was a buffet). I only used Microsoft Word for this, which goes to show that you can really create simple but unique decorations if you are really motivated.

I then also made some tissue pompoms in yellow, green and some cream ones as well for room decoration. These were easy and very cheap to make, especially as you can buy packs of tissue paper for not much. I used this very helpful tutorial which I found on this fun blog. Pompoms are ok to make if like me you are making a few. I made seven. But I guess you would need  some friends and good wine if you had to make say a hundred for a wedding or bigger event!  Behold some of the pompoms below, and a glimpse of the food table.
Can you see my vase with the lemons? I coordinated the vase with some leftover green tissue paper and yellow ribbon. I also customised my green hurricane  vase by wrapping it with yellow ribbon.

I kept the table simple -cream tablecloth, white dishes, which I coordinated by lining with pale green patterned paper. I bought some yellow paper napkins and some green paper bowl things to add some pops of colour.
Of course the star of the table was the Hummingbird cake, which I made. I used the HummingBird Bakery's recipe, and the  3 layer cake turned out amazing. Very moist and yummy! I bought coordinating yellow and green candles, and also made some cute paper flags to decorate the cake. Next time, I'll do some mini bunting, which I find so adorable.
Here's a close up:

For the food, I decided to do an Indian food buffet, as we all love indian food. Plus it gave me loads of options for one of  my vegetarian guests.
I designed some coodinated food labels,  for each dish to add some more detail and interest to the table.

Another shot of the cake and some of the table details.

Some more poms!
It all came together perfectly, and I was happy with the overall result. It was my first attempt at a coordinated and completely home made party, and the happiness that can be derived from simple gestures like cooking the whole meal, baking the cake or putting up decorations you have made from scratch is utterly amazing.
My husband was beyond happy, and I think it was obvious to him that I had gone a long way to make his day special. So as a result, I was very happy myself!

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