Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A Fireman Birthday Party Collection

Remember my sweet and adorable nephew who loved In the Night Garden? The one for whom I made a fondant cake for his 2nd birthday? Well guess what, he has a new hero, and it is Fireman Sam, a welsh firefighter who is the hero of yet another very popular show. So this year, his party was all about you guessed it, firemen and firetrucks and everything to do with them!

Last year I only did a cake, this year, I volunteered to do all the decorations. Very exciting but also a bit nerve wracking as I had never done such a thing before! And of course, the problem with a "commercial" themed party is that it makes me nervous to use images of the characters etc. I am quite serious when it comes to abiding by law! So in the end I bought some images and then cut them up to use with my other non commercial images.

I decided to design a range of paper goods using red, yellow and some orange as my colour theme. In addition to the party invitation, I made banners, centrepiece sticks for the kids' tables, I customised around 8 coffee jars ( yep! ) to make cheap but cheerful vases. Also part of the collection, and possibly one of my favourite items were red '3' numbers which I hung from the ceiling. Signs for the gift table, thank you tags for the party favours and signs for the food table and venue completed what I have named " The Fireman Party". But as well as the collection I designed, I made pom poms and also a very cute photo banner, which had photos of my nephew over 3 years. This was such a great room decoration piece! Red and Yellow balloons finished the whole look perfectly. And always a stickler for detail, i asked my sis in law to buy red and yellow paper plates, napkins, cups and cutlery for the kinds. Seriously, the table was what can only be described as amazing!
I've put some photos below. They are more illustrative of the party than my words!